Tuner - Additional Qualifications - Hybrid or Combo Implementation Test Suite

Note This content applies to the Windows Logo Kit (WLK). For the latest information using the new Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK), see Windows HCK User's Guide on the Windows Hardware Dev Center.

Type: Automated test


The device must correctly declare the relationships (combo or hybrid) among all of its tuner instances.


Windows Media Center is used to configure all tuners. The combo and/or hybrid relationships of the tuner instances are then tested. The test succeeds if the declared relationships are validated.

This test verifies the following requirements:

STREAM-0091: Hybrid or Combo Implementation Test Suite

Success: This test succeeds if the criteria below are met for each configured tuner instance on the submitted device:

  • Any hybrid tuner instances cannot be used in parallel.

  • Any combo tuner instances can be used in parallel.

  • All independent tuner instances can be used in parallel.

  • On each successful tune request, the tuner instance streams data.

  • Run the tests above a total of two times.

Failure: This test fails if:

  • Any of the above steps fail.

Run time: 1 minute

Log file: STREAM-0091_AQTest_HybridComboImplementationTestSuite_VerifyAllTuners.wtl

System restart required: No

Supported operating systems for additional qualifications logo testing:

  • Windows 7


Software Requirements

The test tool requires the following software:

  • Supported operating system (see list above)

  • Software components included with the device that is being tested

  • Tuner driver

Hardware Requirements

The test tool requires the following hardware:

  • The device under test

  • 1-GHz processor

  • 1 GB of system RAM

  • 40 GB free disk space

  • Audio support

  • Windows keyboard

  • Two-button pointing device

  • Minimum graphics card and display support:

    • DirectX 9 support
    • Supported Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) driver
    • 128 MB of on-board graphics card memory
    • Pixel Shader 2.0 support
    • 32 bits per pixel support


The test tool runs on the following processor architectures:

  • x86

  • x64

Running the Test

Schedule the test in Driver Test Manager (DTM) Studio.

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[%Program Files%]\Microsoft Driver Test Manager\Tests\<architecture>\nttest\multimediatest\ehome\Tools

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Build date: 9/14/2012