Plan for quality and certification

When you submit your app to the Windows Store for certification, several testing processes evaluate its quality. You can help your app by designing it to meet specific user experience and app stability requirements. Improve its quality and reliability, and simplify the certification experience as you make that final push for Windows Store promotion.

Plan for quality with thoughtful design and implementation

All Windows Store apps must meet the Windows Store certification requirements before they can be published in the Windows Store. These very specific requirements expand upon several larger principles that may seem familiar if you have reviewed any of the other Windows Store app planning guidance:

  • Clear purpose and identity
  • Predictable and reliable behavior
  • Respect for user trust and security
  • Responsible monetization methods
  • Considerations for accessibility
  • Considerations for global markets

The guidance in Designing UX for apps can help you design your app in a way that meets these requirements. During development, reference the specific Windows Store certification requirements to make sure that tactical feature implementation decisions do not undercut your larger design strategy for achieving quality.

Plan for certification by testing ahead

To give your app the best chance of being certified, validate and test it on your computer before you submit it for certification and listing in the Windows Store.

The Windows App Certification Kit (Windows ACK) is a free, self-test application that enables online submission of certified apps. It defines 12 requirements (3 of which are enhanced requirements) that take less than 45 minutes to complete.

After you test your app with the Windows App Certification Kit, you will get a detailed report on the following categories:

Test Required behavior
App failures

The app must not crash or hang. App failures, such as crashes and hangs, disrupt and frustrate customers. Eliminating such failures improves app stability and reliability, and overall, provides customers with a better experience.

App manifest

The app manifest must contain all the required attributes.

Windows security features

The app must use Windows security features.

Supported platform APIs

The app must use only APIs from the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8.

Startup performance

The app should have a fast and responsive startup experience while consuming a reasonable amount of system resources (CPU, file IO, memory, and so on) to enable fast switching and multitasking between previously unopened apps.

Suspend performance

The app should have a fast and responsive 'Suspend' experience while consuming a reasonable amount of system resources (CPU, File IO, Memory, and so on) and release resources efficiently.

App resource validation

The app manifest must have valid resources defined in the resources.pri file, as explained in the App package manifest schema.

.Net check

The app must use .NET 4.5 or later.


For a more detailed look at how to use the Windows App Certification Kit, and how it fits into the larger store submission process, see Testing your app.



Build date: 9/19/2013