Managing background tasks (Windows Store apps using C#/VB/C++ and XAML)

The topics in this section show how to handle background task cancellation, progress, and completion. Background tasks run separately from your app, and they don't typically share memory space. Your app communicates with background tasks by using event handlers and local storage. Your app can also catch exceptions thrown by a background task.

In this section

Topic Description

How to handle a cancelled background task

Learn how to make a background task that recognizes cancellation requests and stops work, reporting the cancellation to the app using persistent storage.

How to get a list of pending background tasks

Learn how to get a list of background tasks currently registered by your app.

How to monitor background task progress and completion

Learn how your app can recognize progress and completion reported by a background task.

How to use the ServicingComplete trigger

Learn how to use the ServicingComplete SystemTrigger to control background task registration after app updates.


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Supporting your app with background tasks

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