TextRange Element

This section lists the IAccessible methods supported by the TextRange element.

accDoDefaultAction Performs the following actions: ScrollIntoView and Focus. If the parent is an anchor, the method performs Click.
accHitTest Performs no hit testing. Instead, hit testing is performed by the object's parent.
accLocation Specifies the location in screen coordinates. Returns the bounding rectangle for text that wraps or shapes around images.
accNavigate Performs no navigation. Instead, navigation is performed by the object's parent.
accSelect Supports SELFLAG_TAKEFOCUS for scroll into view or focus. Supports SELFLAG_TAKESELECTION for selecting an object.
get_accChild N/A
get_accChildCount N/A
get_accDefaultAction Delegates to the anchor if the parent is an anchor. Otherwise, the method returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accDescription N/A
get_accFocus Does not set the focus. Instead, the object's parent sets the focus.
get_accHelp N/A
get_accHelpTopic N/A
get_accKeyboardShortcut N/A
get_accName Returns the contents of the text block.
get_accParent Returns the closest accessible element in the parent chain.
get_accRole Returns ROLE_SYSTEM_TEXT. The text is read-only.
get_accSelection Makes no selections. Instead, the object's parent makes selections.
get_accState Returns one or more of STATE_SYSTEM_READONLY, STATE_SYSTEM_INVISIBLE, STATE_SYSTEM_SELECTABLE, and STATE_SYSTEM_SELECTED. As of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, also returns STATE_SYSTEM_OFFSCREEN. For more information, see About Invisible Objects.
get_accValue Delegates to the parent if the parent is an anchor. Otherwise, the method returns E_NOTIMPL.
put_accName Returns E_NOTIMPL.
put_accValue Returns E_NOTIMPL.