Window Element

This section lists the IAccessible methods supported by the Window element.

accDoDefaultAction Returns E_NOTIMPL.
accHitTest See Hit Testing.
accLocation Returns the client window's coordinates relative to the screen's left top.
accNavigate See Navigating Windows.
accSelect Sets the focus on itself. The method supports only SELFLAG_TAKEFOCUS.
get_accChild Because there is only one child, returns the PANE element if the parameters are correct.
get_accChildCount Always returns 1 as a child count if the parameters are correct.
get_accDefaultAction Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accDescription Returns "MSAAHTML Registered Handler".
get_accFocus Returns the accessible object for the document's active element.
get_accHelp Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accHelpTopic Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accKeyboardShortcut Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accName Returns the IHTMLDocument2::URL property of the document object.
get_accParent Returns the accessible object that represents the parent window.
get_accRole Returns ROLE_SYSTEM_CLIENT.
get_accSelection Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accState Returns STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSABLE, which always applies, or STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSED, which applies if any element has focus.
get_accValue Returns E_NOTIMPL.
put_accName Returns E_NOTIMPL.
put_accValue Returns E_NOTIMPL.