Microsoft Internet Component Download Reference

Note This technology is obsolete as of Windows Internet Explorer 7 and should not be used.

This Microsoft Internet Component Download (MSICD) reference contains all the elements defined by the Msicd.dtd file. These elements are used to describe distribution units in Open Software Description (OSD) files.

To use these elements in OSD files, an XML namespace must be created using the following line in the OSD file:

<?XML::namespace href="" as="msicd"?>

To use the tags in the XML namespace, prefix the tag with the namespace name and two colons. For the JAVA tag, it would be used as follows:


All tags within namespace-defined tags must be defined in the namespace and do not need to be prefixed with the name of the namespace. Some of the elements defined in the Msicd.dtd file redefine elements that are defined in the Open Software Description Reference, so they can be used within the namespace. For more information on OSD, see the About OSD File Architecture documentation.

MSICD elements

MSICD elements also defined in the Osd.dtd file