onpaste event

Fires on the target object when the user pastes data, transferring the data from the system clipboard to the document.


HTML Attribute <element onpaste = "handler(event)">
Event Property object.onpaste = handler;
attachEvent Method object.attachEvent("onpaste", handler)
addEventListener Method object.addEventListener("paste", handler, useCapture)

Event information

Synchronous No
Bubbles Yes
Cancelable Yes

Event handler parameters

  • pEvtObj [in]
    Type: [IHTMLEventObj](aa703876(v=vs.85).md)

Standards information

There are no standards that apply here.


Creating custom code to enable the Paste command requires several steps.

  1. Set the event object IHTMLEventObj::returnValue to FALSE in the HTMLAnchorEvents2::onbeforepaste event to enable the Paste shortcut menu item.
  2. Cancel the default behavior of the client by setting the event object IHTMLEventObj::returnValue to FALSE in the HTMLAnchorEvents2::onpaste event handler. This applies only to objects, such as the text box, that have a default behavior defined for them.
  3. Specify a data format in which to paste the selection through the IHTMLDataTransfer::getData method of the clipboardData object.
  4. Invoke the method in the HTMLAnchorEvents2::onpaste event to execute custom paste code.

Inserts the data from the system clipboard into the specified location on the document.

To invoke this event, do one of the following:

  • Right-click to display the shortcut menu and select Paste.
  • Or press CTRL+V.

The pEvtObj parameter is required for the following interfaces:

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