SetBuildOrder method

Sets the order of operations used to build the lookup table.


HRESULT retVal = object.SetBuildOrder(OpOrder, ulNumSteps);


  • OpOrder [in]
    Type: const [OPIDDXLUTBUILDER](aa743760(v=vs.85).md)

    Array of lookup table operations listed in the OPIDDXLUTBUILDER enumeration.

  • ulNumSteps [in]
    Type: unsigned long

    Number of lookup table operations in the returned array.


This method sets the number and order of lookup table operations. The resulting lookup table depends on the order of the operations you specify. For example, a lookup table built by adjusting the brightness before the contrast is different than one built by adjusting the contrast before the brightness.

The operations are performed in order, starting with the first element in the array OpOrder[0].