FillRect method

Fills a rectangle with the sample value, optionally doing an alpha-blend with the destination.


void retVal = object.FillRect(pRect, SampVal, bDoOver);


  • pRect [in]
    Type: const RECT

    Pointer to the rectangle to fill. If NULL, the whole surface is filled.

  • SampVal [in]
    Type: [DXPMSAMPLE](aa743771(v=vs.85).md)

    Alpha-premultiplied color to use for the fill.

  • bDoOver [in]
    Type: BOOL

    Value that indicates whether to alpha-blend the sample with the existing data or to replace the existing data. If TRUE, the samples are alpha-blended over the current data. If FALSE, the samples replace the current data.


After this call is made, the current position of the pointer object is undefined. Call IDXARGBReadPtr::MoveToRow, IDXARGBReadPtr::MoveAndGetRunInfo, or IDXARGBReadPtr::MoveToXY to re-establish the pointer location before calling any method that uses the current pointer location.

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