CDXVec class

The CDXVec template class is used to simplify construction and manipulation of the DXVEC data type.


The CDXVec class inherits from IDXARGBReadPtr but does not have additional members.


The template for the class shown here can be found in the header file Dxvector.h.

#define CDXV_C CDXVec<TYPE, eBndType>
#define CDXV_T ((TYPE*)u.D)
#define CDXV_O( OtherVec ) ((TYPE*)OtherVec.u.D)

template<class TYPE, DXBNDTYPE eBndType>
class CDXVec : public DXVEC

The DXVEC structure is a union used to represent a four dimensional (x, y, z, t) vector, which can describe a two-dimensional (2-D) position in many of the Microsoft DirectX Transform interfaces. The union allows four vector types defined by the DXBNDTYPE enumeration. There are four template type definitions corresponding to each of the union types. Use the following:

  • DXBT_DISCRETE type (components are long)
  • DXBT_DISCRETE64 type (components are LONGLONG)
  • DXBT_CONTINUOUS type (components are float)
  • DXBT_CONTINUOUS64 type (components are double)


Minimum supported client

Windows XP

Minimum supported server

Windows 2000 Server


DirectX 6.1