WorkProc method

Called by the transform base class to enable the surface to function as a transform.


HRESULT retVal = object.WorkProc(WI, pbContinueProcessing);


  • WI [in, ref]
    Type: const CDXTWorkInfoNTo1

    Work procedure information structure that contains the rendering request details.

  • pbContinueProcessing [in]
    Type: BOOL

    Pointer to a Boolean value that is TRUE as long as the function is supposed to continue the rendering request.


The base class calls this method when the procedural surface is being used as a transform. It is called to generate a block of output samples and write them to the specified destination surface. The default implementation of this method simply calls the DXBitBlt helper function with the specified input and output regions. In turn, this object is locked like a procedural surface and pixels are generated through the IDXARGBReadPtr interface. Usually, you don't need to override this method.

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