createElement method

Creates an instance of the element for the specified tag.


HTMLElement retVal = object.createElement(eTag);


  • eTag [in]
    Type: BSTR

    A BSTR that specifies the name of an element.

Standards information


Attributes can be included with the eTag as long as the entire string is valid HTML.

In Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, the only new elements you can create are img, area, and option. As of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, you can create all elements programmatically, except frame and iframe. The properties of these created elements are read/write and can be accessed programmatically. Before you use new objects, you must explicitly add them to their respective collections or to the document. To insert new elements into the current document, use the IHTMLDOMNode::insertBefore method or the IHTMLDOMNode::appendChild method.

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