ShowHelp method

Called by MSHTML to display Help.


HRESULT retVal = object.ShowHelp(hwnd, pszHelpFile, uCommand, dwData, ptMouse, pDispatchObjectHit);


  • hwnd [in]
    Type: HWND

    The HWND of the owner window.

  • pszHelpFile [in]
    Type: LPOLESTR

    A LPOLESTR pointer to a string containing a Help file name.

  • uCommand [in]
    Type: UINT

    A UINT that represents the type of Help. See the WinHelp function.

  • dwData [in]
    Type: DWORD

    A DWORD that contains additional data. See the WinHelp function.

  • ptMouse [in]
    Type: POINT

    A POINT structure containing the mouse position in screen coordinates.

  • pDispatchObjectHit [out]
    Type: IDispatch

    A pointer to the IDispatch of the object at the screen coordinates.


The first four parameters are the same as the parameters passed to the WinHelp function. The ptMouse parameter gives the screen coordinates. The pDispatchObjectHit parameter enables the host to differentiate the object at the screen coordinates to a greater degree than MSHTML.