GetAppData method

Retrieves an application-specific DWORD of data.


HRESULT retVal = object.GetAppData(pdwAppData);


  • pdwAppData [out]
    Type: DWORD_PTR

    Pointer to a DWORD of data that was set with the IDXSurface::SetAppData method. If no call has been made to IDXSurface::SetAppData, the value returned is 0.


This method retrieves a tag set by an application for a DXSurface. For example, applications that use 2-D transforms can use this method to retrieve a tag from a transform input surface. This enables the application to identify which surfaces were hit when doing 2-D hit testing. However, applications can use this data in any way that is useful.

All surface implementations must support IDXSurface::SetAppData and IDXSurface::GetAppData.

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