ReportResult method

Reports the result of the operation when called on any thread.


HRESULT retVal = object.ReportResult(hrResult, dwError, szResult);


  • hrResult [in]
    Type: HRESULT

    An HRESULT value that indicates the result returned by the operation.

  • dwError [in]
    Type: DWORD

    An unsigned long integer value that is a protocol-specific code.

  • szResult [in]
    Type: LPCWSTR

    A protocol-specific result string that should be NULL if the operation succeeded.


Note to implementers

After your IInternetProtocolSink::ReportResult method is called, your application should call the IInternetProtocol::LockRequest method to lock the resource you are reading from the protocol handler. Then your application should call the IInternetProtocolRoot::Terminate method.

Note to callers

The call to IInternetProtocolSink::ReportResult is the last call that your pluggable protocol handler must make to the client application IInternetProtocolSink interface.