TITLE element

Obsolete. Specifies a text string representing the title of the CHANNEL or ITEM element.


  XML-SPACE = "sWhiteSpace"/>


Attribute Type Required Description




String value that specifies how white space—such as a tab, space, or blank line—is treated.


Value that permits white space to be filtered out during file processing.


Value that ensures all white space characters are retained.

Child elements

There are no child elements.

Parent elements






Windows Internet Explorer 7. The Channel Definition Format (CDF) is obsolete and should not be used.

This attribute can be used with any CDF element that uses significant white space. When used as an attribute of a parent element, the value assigned to the XML-SPACE attribute applies to all child elements unless specifically overridden with another XML-SPACe attribute.

Windows Internet Explorer displays this title to the right of the item's icon in the Channels Explorer Bar. A TITLE element that is the direct child of the top-level channel element appears in place of the channel logo in the Channels Explorer Bar when another channel is selected by the user.

When applied to the top-level CHANNEL element, the title should appear near the top of the CDF file before any ITEM or nested CHANNEL elements.

The TITLE element can be used as an attribute with the CHANNEL and ITEM elements to support previous implementations of CDF. Any new CDF files should use TITLE as a child element.


The TITLE element in the following example represents the distinguishing name of its parent CHANNEL element.

    <TITLE>CDF Reference</TITLE>

Element information

Minimum supported system

Windows XP
Can be empty Yes