MSHTML Editing Overviews and Tutorials

This section contains overviews and tutorials for MSHTML Editing.


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HTML Clipboard Format

This article discusses cutting and pasting fragments of an HTML document. The CF_HTML clipboard format allows a fragment of raw HTML text and its context to be stored on the clipboard as ASCII. This allows the context of the HTML fragment, which consists of all preceding and surrounding tags, to be examined by an application so that the surrounding tags can be noted with their attributes.

Introduction to MSHTML Editing

The editor provided with MSHTML offers a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) HTML editing environment with a rich set of capabilities. It can be activated from C++, Visual Basic, and script. You can use a number of techniques to customize the MSHTML Editor. These techniques are available in C++ only.

Using Rendering Behaviors

This tutorial explains how to implement a rendering behavior in C++ and how to use it in an HTML document or an application hosting MSHTML. In the course of explaining rendering behaviors, the tutorial provides some review of binary behavior implementation.