ariaFlowto property

Specifies the id of the next element or elements in an alternative reading order.


object.setAttribute("ariaFlowto",value);var value = object.getAttribute("ariaFlowto");

Property values

Type: BSTR

A space-separated list of IHTMLElement::id property values.

Standards information


Used in Roles No role required.

This property defines element relationships and associations that cannot be readily determined from the document structure.

When the IHTMLElement5::ariaFlowto property contains a single IHTMLElement::id property, the assistive technology should resume reading at the targeted element. However, when the IHTMLElement5::ariaFlowto property contains multiple IHTMLElement::id properties, the assistive technology should give users the option of navigating to any targeted element.

Note For cross-browser compatibility, always use the WAI-ARIA attribute syntax to access and modify ARIA properties, for example object.setAttribute("aria-valuenow", newValue).

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