Accelerator Icon Usage Guidelines

Guidelines for using the Accelerator icon in content.

What is the Accelerator icon?

It is an icon that represents the Microsoft technology used to create Accelerators in Windows Internet Explorer 8. The Accelerator technology is described in the OpenService Specification for Accelerators - Version 0.8.

Accelerator icon download is available here: Accelerator Download

When do you use the Accelerator icon?

You may use the icon for free, provided that your use complies with the guidelines below.

You MAY use the icon:

  • To signify that a Web page offers a Web service that is Accelerator-enabled. The Web service must follow the Accelerator technology specification.
  • When used on a Web page, the icon must be an active, clickable icon that adds the Web service to the Accelerator providers that are available to the end user when visiting Web sites using the Internet Explorer 8 browser.
  • Within an application, articles, blogs, and other media to refer to the Accelerator technology.

DO NOT use the icon:

  • As the logo or icon for your Web site or online service. The icon represents the Accelerator technology, and not your Web site or service.
  • As a logo or icon for an application.
  • As a logo or icon for any product or service, or as a feature or design element of another icon, logo, trademark or service mark.
  • In any manner that expresses or implies an affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by Microsoft or any third party.

How to add an Accelerator to your Web site?

Visit OpenService Accelerators Developer Guide for information on how to add the Accelerator technology to your Web site.

Visual Guidelines

  • The icon must be used in its entirety as shown in these guidelines.
  • The icon must appear by itself with minimum spacing (at least 25% of the height of the icon) between each side of the icon and any other graphical or textual elements.
  • The (blue) color version of the icon is recommended. If the color version is not practicable, you may use a black-and-white version of the icon.
  • The icon may not be distorted, warped, or displayed in any aspect ratio except the 1:1 ratio.
  • Do not flip or rotate the icon.
  • Do not use the icon as a repeating pattern or background element.
  • The icon must be represented at 100% opacity.

Additional Guidelines/Information

Microsoft has taken steps to protect the icon in order to make the icon available for use by the community in connection with web sites that support the Accelerator technology. HOWEVER, MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES REGARDING THE ICON, AND HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES THAT MIGHT OTHERWISE BE IMPLIED BY LAW, INCLUDING WARRANTIES AGAINST INFRINGMENT.

To ensure that the icon retains its integrity as a common visual cue to users that a web site includes Accelerator functionality, Microsoft seeks to promote the uniform and appropriate use of the icon. All web sites, programs and technologies where the icon is used must adhere to these guidelines, meet or exceed generally accepted standards of quality and performance, and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. You agree promptly to correct any improper use of the icon, and any web sites, programs, or technologies that do not comply with these requirements, upon reasonable notice from Microsoft. Microsoft reserves the right to take any action against any use of the icon that does not conform to these guidelines or that violates any applicable law.

Your use of the icon will not give you any right, title, or interest in or to the icon other than the limited permission to use it according to these guidelines. These guidelines do not grant in any way whatsoever any other right or license to any Microsoft or third party technology or proprietary rights.