setPosition method

Sets the current position in GeoLocation.

Note These APIs can only be used with F12 developer tools and the Diagnostics Script Engine, and can't be called from JavaScript.


DiagnosticsGeoLocation.setPosition(latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy, altitudeAccuracy, heading, speed);


  • latitude [in]
    Type: number

    Latitude in meters.

  • longitude [in]
    Type: number

    Longitude in meters.

  • altitude [in]
    Type: number

    Altitude in meters.

  • accuracy [in]
    Type: number

    Accuracy in meters.

  • altitudeAccuracy [in]
    Type: number

    Accuracy of the altitude property in meters.

  • heading [in]
    Type: number

    Direction in degrees.

  • speed [in]
    Type: number

    Speed in meters per second.

Return value

This method does not return a value.

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