IViewObjectPresentFlip interface

Interface implemented by an ActiveX control in order to use the ISurfacePresenterFlip mechanism for enabling efficient, rotation-aware Microsoft Direct3D 11 presentation.


The IViewObjectPresentFlip interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IViewObjectPresentFlip also has these types of members:

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The IViewObjectPresentFlip interface has these methods.

Method Description

Called from Internet Explorer (MSHTML UI thread) to notify the control that IE is rendering a frame of content. This can be used by the control to determine when to render (if synchronizing with IE's rendering is its intended behavior).


Called from Internet Explorer during situations (such as printing) where a bitmap representation of the ActiveX control is needed.


Called from Internet Explorer to request that the ActiveX control render its current content into the provided hardware buffer.


Implementing this interface is how Internet Explorer determines that the control will use ISurfacePresenterFlip for rendering. Controls that implement this interface can only render using ISurfacePresenterFlip, and controls cannot use ISurfacePresenterFlip unless they implement this interface.


Minimum supported client

Windows 10

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2016


Mshtml.dll; Edgehtml.dll

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