strokeText method

Renders the specified text at the specified position by using the current ICanvasRenderingContext2D::font, ICanvasRenderingContext2D::lineWidth, and ICanvasRenderingContext2D::strokeStyle property.


object.strokeText(text, x, y, maxWidth);


  • text [in]
    Type: string

    The text characters to paint on the canvas.

  • x [in]
    Type: number

    The horizontal coordinate to start painting the text relative to the canvas.

  • y [in]
    Type: number

    The vertical coordinate of the baseline for the text to start painting, relative to the canvas.

  • maxWidth [in, optional]
    Type: number

    The maximum possible text width. If the value is less than ICanvasTextMetrics::width, the text is scaled to fit.

Return value

This method does not return a value.


Exception Condition

The current ICanvasRenderingContext2D::font is not of the same origin or domain as the document that owns the canvas element.

Standards information


ICanvasRenderingContext2D::strokeText can be used in conjunction with ICanvasRenderingContext2D::fillText to created filled and outlined text.

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