ISimpleDataConverter::CanConvertData Method

Deprecated. Called by MSHTML to determine whether the data provider is capable of converting the specified data from one format to another.


HRESULT CanConvertData(      
    long vt1,
    long vt2


  • vt1
    [in] A long specifying the type from which the data is to be converted.
  • vt2
    [in] A long specifying the type to which the data is to be converted.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if the data provider can convert the data. Returns S_FALSE otherwise.


Note  Windows Internet Explorer 7. This method is no longer available.

If the data provider returns S_OK, MSHTML makes a subsequent call to the data provider's implementation of ISimpleDataConverter::ConvertData to convert the actual data.

Use the VT_XXX defined values for VARIANT data types to specify vt1 and vt2.