ISimpleDataConverter::ConvertData Method

Deprecated. Called by MSHTML to allow the data provider to convert the specified data from one format to another.


HRESULT ConvertData(      
    VARIANT varSrc,
    long vtDest,
    IUnknown *pUnknownElement,
    VARIANT *pvarDest


  • varSrc
    [in] A VARIANT specifying the data to convert.
  • vtDest
    [in] A long specifying the type to which the data is to be converted.
  • pUnknownElement
    [in] The address of an IUnknown interface for the bound element in which the converted data is to be displayed.
  • pvarDest
    [out] The address of a VARIANT that receives the converted data from the data provider.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if the data provider successfully converts the data. Otherwise, possible return values for this method include.

S_FALSE The method completed successfully, but the conversion attempt was not successful.
E_OUTOFMEMORY There is insufficient memory to create the moniker.
MK_E_SYNTAX The bind host was unable to parse the string into a moniker because the information in the name was unrecognizable.


Note  Windows Internet Explorer 7. This method is no longer available.

Use the VT_XXX defined values for VARIANT data types to specify vtDest.