apply Method

This topic documents a feature of Visual Filters and Transitions, which is deprecated as of Windows Internet Explorer 9.

Captures the initial display of an object's content for a transition.



Return Value

No return value.


After the apply method is called, changes to the object's properties are not displayed until you call the play method to start the transition.

Note You must change the style. visibility property for a child element to be part of the transition. Otherwise, changes to child element properties are displayed immediately.

When you call the play method, the transition reveals the resulting changes in content (object property and child element style. visibility changes).

Applies To

BlendTrans, RevealTrans, Barn, Blinds, Compositor, Fade, GradientWipe, Inset, Iris, Pixelate, RadialWipe, RandomBars, RandomDissolve, Slide, Spiral, Stretch, Strips, Wheel, Zigzag