motifName Attribute

This topic documents a feature of HTML+TIME 2.0, which is obsolete as of Windows Internet Explorer 9.

Sets the name of the Microsoft DirectMusic motif to play.


HTML <ELEMENT motifName=sMotif ... >
Scripting N/A

Possible Values

sMotif A String containing the name of the motif to play.


By specifying a motif, you indicate that the motif in the segment should be played instead of the segment. Motifs are automatically played as secondary segments.

When motifName is used, the segment must contain a style track. The style referenced in the style track must contain a motif with that name, which is the motif to play. To gain access to a style, you access the motif by using the style referenced by the segment. The default for motifName is an empty string that indicates the source segment to play.

The motifName attribute is only valid if the PLAYER attribute is set to DMusic.

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