t:REPEATDUR Attribute | repeatDur Property (deprecated)

This page documents a feature of HTML+TIME 1.0, which was released in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5. We recommend that you migrate your content to the latest version of HTML+TIME, which implements the SMIL 2.0 Working Draft. See the Introduction to HTML+TIME overview for more information.

Sets or gets the number of seconds an element timeline repeats.


Scripting [ sTime = ] object.repeatDur

Possible Values

sTime A String that specifies one of the following values.
Default. Timeline repeats indefinitely.
Total amount of time to repeat the element timeline. The time must be specified as described in Time Formats.

The property is read/write. The property has a default value of indefinite.


Use the dur or end property to define each repeat iteration. The repeatDur property has no effect if the duration is not defined or is indefinite.

Typically, repeatDur is set on elements that are time containers, such as the t:PAR element or the t:SEQ element. Elements containing the t:TIMELINE attribute are also time containers. If you set the t:REPEATDUR attribute on an element that is not a time container, it sets the element's duration to the repeatDur value. This property is useful for coordinating the timing of an element with a media element that has a fractional duration, such as an audio file that is 3.45 seconds.

A repeatDur value of zero is invalid. If zero is specified, the default value is used instead.

Applies To

t:AUDIO, t:IMG, t:MEDIA, t:PAR, t:SEQ, time, t:VIDEO

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