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About URL Monikers

A moniker is a COM object that identifies an object and provides services to allow other components to obtain a pointer to that object. The system-provided moniker class supports asynchronous binding to a Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

Creating and Using URL Monikers

There are two ways of viewing the use of monikers: as a moniker client and as a moniker provider. A moniker client is a component that uses a moniker to get a pointer to another object. A moniker provider is a component that supplies monikers that identify its objects to moniker clients.

Handling MIME Types in Internet Explorer

When Windows Internet Explorer downloads a file, it goes through several steps to ensure that the type of the file matches the MIME type declared by the HTTP server.

MIME Type Detection in Internet Explorer

In Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and later, MIME type determination occurs in URL monikers through the FindMimeFromData method. Determining the MIME type allows URL monikers and other components to find and launch the correct object server or application to handle the associated content. This section provides a brief summary of the logic used in determining the MIME type from these sources, and also discusses some of the issues involved.

URL Monikers

URL monikers allow an application to bind a resource, specified by a URL, to a moniker.

URL Monikers Constants

This section contains a list of constants available for URL Monikers.

URL Monikers Enumerations

This section lists the enumerations for URL Monikers.

URL Monikers Functions

This section lists the functions for URL Monikers.

URL Monikers Interfaces

Lists the interfaces for URL Monikers.

URL Monikers Reference

This section contains reference information for URL Monikers.

URL Monikers Structures

This section contains a list of structures available for URL Monikers.

Security Considerations: URL Monikers

This topic provides information about security considerations related to the URL monikers API