Media Source Extensions

Use Media Source Extensions APIs to add HTML5 audio and video streaming to your websites without plugins or special servers.

Media Source Extensions (MSE) are a collection of APIs that can buffer and play streaming files. The media files are encoded using MPEG-DASH, and can be served by almost any HTTP web server. Let's look at how to use the MSE API to add streaming audio and video to your own projects. You'll also get a little background in what MPEG-DASH files are and how to produce them. Finally, we've got a list of resources to help you take your projects to the next level.

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Building a simple MPEG-DASH streaming player

Build an MPEG-DASH player using Media Source Extensions API to stream files to an HTML5 video element. You can find the sample code on the MSDN samples site.

MPEG-DASH and streaming reference and resources

Here's a list of resources to get info on MPEG-DASH, Azure, tools, and more.