Further Ideas: Using Thumbnail Toolbars

This topic lists additional ideas to help you use Thumbnail Toolbars in your Pinned sites.

Note The Thumbnail Toolbar is not available with Pinned Sites in Internet Explorer 10 on the new Windows UI.


The following table provides examples of Thumbnail Toolbars that have been customized for various types of websites:

Site Type Usage
Music or Video Site
  • Play, pause, stop music or video streams
  • Add music or video to your favorites list
Sports Site
  • Navigate the user to his or her favorite sport
Photo Sharing Site
  • Navigate to different photo albums
  • Play, pause, or stop slide shows
News Site
  • Share stories on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks

Thumbnail Toolbars for A News-based Website

The developer of a news-based website might want people to discuss an article as much as possible to spread the word and get more traffic. One way to accomplish this is to allow a user to share an article on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network. Giving the user a uniform way to share news articles might increase the traffic to these articles because the user is more likely to share them with other people.

The following screenshot shows what Huffington Post uses for their site:

Thumbnail Toolbars for a Music-based Website

The developer of a music-based website might want users to be able to play, stop, pause, or create a favorite of the music that is currently being played on the site. It is simple to create a Thumbnail Toolbar for those actions by using the window.external.msSiteModeAddThumbBarButton method discussed in Creating a Thumbnail Toolbar for a Pinned Site.

The following screenshot shows what Slacker.com uses for their Internet radio site.


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