How to Create a Basic Pinned Site

Using the Pinned site features of Windows Internet Explorer 9, you can improve how users interact with the sites that you develop. However, make sure that you consider how your users will discover those features. This section uses the Channel9 Podcast Player sample to show you how to create a basic Pinned site. You also learn some best practices to help promote the functionality to users of your website.


The Channel9 Podcast Player sample application manages a library of audio tracks. Users can select one of the tracks in a list to the right, and click the preview to start playback. The following screen shot shows the application before it is pinned to the taskbar.


This sample demonstrates the following:

  • Basic site metadata, such as application name, window size, and tooltip
  • Custom colors for Back and Forward buttons
  • Static Jump List items for audio tracks in the podcast playlist
  • High-resolution site icon
  • Scriptable alert that detects when the site is pinned


Topic Description

Declaring Pinned Site Metadata

This task describes the basic site metadata that customize your Pinned site.

Adding Tasks to a Jump List

A Jump List can contain commonly used destinations and tasks. Some items apply to the whole site, and some apply only to specific users. This task explains how to add site-specific tasks to the default Jump List of a Pinned site.

Customizing the Site Icon

A site icon (also called shortcut icon, or favicon) is a small image that is associated with a particular website or webpage. This task explains the best icon formats to use with Internet Explorer 9 and describes how to implement a site icon on your website.

Detecting a Pinned Site

You should prompt the user to pin a site only if site pinning features are detected. This task explains how to correctly detect the Pinned site API and whether a site has already been pinned.


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