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Pinned sites Scenarios

This documentation is organized around five scenarios. Each scenario demonstrates an aspect of the site pinning features of Windows Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10. You do not need to read these sections in sequential order.

Scenario Description
How to Create a Basic Pinned Site Add basic Pinned site functionality to the Channel9 Podcast Player sample, including static Jump List items. Also learn how to promote the Pinned site functionality of your website.
How to Create Thumbnail Toolbars Create Thumbnail Toolbar buttons to control audio playback in the Channel9 Podcast Player sample.
How to Create Dynamic Jump Lists Insert items to a custom Jump List category based on user interaction with the TweetFeed sample.
How to Provide Notifications Use icon overlays to show activity in the TweetFeed sample.
How to Improve Discoverability Advertise Pinned site features to users of your website.
How to Use Badge Notifications Add a badge notification to the app tile of your pinned site in Windows 8.

All samples are published at Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive: Site Pinning Demos.

The following section headings are used throughout this documentation:

  • Methods Used In This Task—This section introduces the programmatic elements that are used to complete the task.
  • Putting It All Together—This section combines all the elements of the task, and provides code that shows you how the sample scenario implements the feature.
  • Next Steps—This section discusses additional features that are related to the current task, and shows you what you might do next.
  • More Examples—This section contains additional examples of the feature as it was implemented on real websites. The examples in this section are purely informational.
  • Further Ideas—These topics provide additional ideas for site designers who want to customize Pinned site features for varous types of websites.

Getting Started

Common Tasks

The following tasks show you how to add the most basic elements of a Pinned site.


To notify the user of changes in the Pinned site, you can flash the taskbar button, or use icon overlays to display alerts.

Jump Lists

The Jump List provides quick access to commonly used destinations. The Tasks portion of the Jump List is created by meta tags; however, developers can create an additional category for user-specific destinations.

Thumbnail Toolbars

The Thumbnail Toolbar allows users to control the website from the preview window on the taskbar. This feature is especially useful for video and audio playback.

Note The Thumbnail Toolbar is only available with Pinned Sites in Internet Explorer 9.


These tasks describe how to improve the discoverability of your Pinned site features.

In this section

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