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This section contains HTML5 graphics information, samples, and tutorials.

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How to create a 2D casual HTML5 game

In this topic, we help you choose between WebGL, canvas, and SVG as a gaming platform. Then, using the JavaScript functional inheritance pattern, we show you how to create a causal 2D game called Boulder Bop using SVG.

How to explore the Mandelbrot set using HTML5

The Mandelbrot set is one of the most complex and beautiful mathematical objects known. Using HTML5 Canvas, File API, touch (Pointer and gesture events), and Web Workers, this tutorial will show you how to create (often stunning) Mandelbrot images

How to blend two raster images using SVG filters

Starting withInternet Explorer 10, you can blend, or merge, two raster images using the <feImage> and <feBlend> SVG filter primitives.

How to create an image slide show on a webpage

Websites that include many images, such as art or photo gallery sites, can benefit by presenting some (or all) of their images in slide show format. Here we talk about how to use and create a cross-browser compatible JavaScript file (slideShow.js) that produces a slide show in which images fade in an out as specified by a given list of <img> elements.

Sampling image colors with Canvas

Create your own eyedropper effect to extract colors from a drawing or photograph using HTML5 canvas methods.

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