JsSerializeScript Function

Serializes a parsed script to a buffer than can be reused.


STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsSerializeScript(
   _In_z_ const wchar_t *script,
   *bufferSize) BYTE *buffer,
   _Inout_ unsigned long *bufferSize


  • script
    The script to serialize.

  • buffer
    The buffer to put the serialized script into. Can be null.

  • bufferSize
    On entry, the size of the buffer, in bytes; on exit, the size of the buffer, in bytes, required to hold the serialized script.

Return Value

The code JsNoError if the operation succeeded, a failure code otherwise.


JsSerializeScript parses a script and then stores the parsed form of the script in a runtime-independent format. The serialized script then can be deserialized in any runtime without requiring the script to be re-parsed.

Requires an active script context.


Header: jsrt.h

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