The Stock Ticker Control

The Stock Ticker control is an example of a vertical application control. (A vertical application is an application that is specific to one industry.) Although not useful for general purposes, the stock ticker represents a new generation of ActiveX controls that are targeted at specific niche groups on the web. Listing 4-6 shows the code used to implement a stock ticker in a web page. (Notice that the information displayed by the stock ticker is from a file on Microsoft's web site.) Figure 4-14 shows a sample of the output.

<TITLE>Stock Ticker Control</TITLE>

    <PARAM NAME="DataObjectName"
    VALUE=" /ticker/other/iexrt.xrt">
    <PARAM NAME="DataObjectActive" VALUE="1">
    <PARAM NAME="ScrollWidth" VALUE="5">
    <PARAM NAME="ForeColor" VALUE="#FF0000">
    <PARAM NAME="BackColor" VALUE="#0000FF">
    <PARAM NAME="ReloadInterval" VALUE="5000">


Listing 4-6.

The Stock Ticker control used in HTML code.

Figure 4-14.

Sample output of the Stock Ticker control.

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