Round Function


Returns a number rounded to a specified number of decimal places.


Round(expression[, numdecimalplaces])


  • expression
    Required. Numeric expression being rounded.

  • numdecimalplaces
    Optional. Number indicating how many places to the right of the decimal are included in the rounding. If omitted, integers are returned by the Round function.


The Round function performs round to even, which is different from round to larger. The return value is the number closest to the value of expression, with the appropriate number of decimal places. If expression is exactly halfway between two possible rounded values, the function returns the possible rounded value whose rightmost digit is an even number. (In a round to larger function, a number that is halfway between two possible rounded values is always rounded to the larger number.)


Round to even is a statistically more accurate rounding algorithm than round to larger.

Legacy Code Example

The following example uses the Round function to round a number to two decimal places:

Dim MyVar, pi
pi = 3.14159
MyVar = Round(pi, 2) ' MyVar contains 3.14.

This example demonstrates how rounding to even works:

Dim var1, var2, var3, var4, var5
var1 = Round(1.5)      ' var1 contains 2
var2 = Round(2.5)      ' var2 contains 2
var3 = Round(3.5)      ' var3 contains 4
var4 = Round(0.985, 2) ' var4 contains 0.98
var5 = Round(0.995, 2) ' var5 contains 1.00


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