Join Function

Returns a string created by joining a number of substrings contained in an array.


Join(list[, delimiter])


  • list
    Required. One-dimensional array containing substrings to be joined.

  • delimiter
    Optional. String character used to separate the substrings in the returned string. If omitted, the space character (" ") is used. If delimiter is a zero-length string, all items in the list are concatenated with no delimiters.


The following example uses the Join function to join the substrings of MyArray:

Dim MyString
Dim MyArray(3)
MyArray(0) = "Mr."
MyArray(1) = "John "
MyArray(2) = "Doe "
MyArray(3) = "III"
MyString = Join(MyArray) ' MyString contains "Mr. John Doe III".


Version 2

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