IDebugApplication Interface

Exposes non-remote debugging methods for use by language engines and hosts.

In addition to the methods inherited from IRemoteDebugApplication, the IDebugApplication interface exposes the following methods.

Methods in Vtable Order

Method Description
IDebugApplication::SetName Sets the name of the application.
IDebugApplication::StepOutComplete Notifies the process debug manager that a language engine in single-step mode is about to return to its caller.
IDebugApplication::DebugOutput Causes the given string to be displayed by the debugger IDE.
IDebugApplication::StartDebugSession Starts the default debugger IDE and attaches a debug session to this application, if one is not already attached.
IDebugApplication::HandleBreakPoint Causes the current thread to block and sends a notification of the breakpoint to the debugger IDE.
IDebugApplication::Close Causes this application to release all references and enter an inactive state.
IDebugApplication::GetBreakFlags Returns the current break flags for the application.
IDebugApplication::GetCurrentThread Returns the thread associated with the currently running thread.
IDebugApplication::CreateAsyncDebugOperation Provides asynchronous access to a given synchronous debug operation.
IDebugApplication::AddStackFrameSniffer Adds a stack frame enumerator provider to this application.
IDebugApplication::RemoveStackFrameSniffer Removes a stack frame enumerator provider from this application.
IDebugApplication::QueryCurrentThreadIsDebuggerThread Determines if the current running thread is the debugger thread.
IDebugApplication::SynchronousCallInDebuggerThread Provides a mechanism for the caller to run code in the debugger thread.
IDebugApplication::CreateApplicationNode Creates a new application node that is associated with a specific document provider.
IDebugApplication::FireDebuggerEvent Fires a generic event to the debugger's IApplicationDebugger interface.
IDebugApplication::HandleRuntimeError Causes the current thread to block and sends a notification of the error to the debugger IDE.
IDebugApplication::FCanJitDebug Determines if a just-in-time (JIT) debugger is registered.
IDebugApplication::FIsAutoJitDebugEnabled Determines if a JIT debugger is registered to auto-debug dumb hosts.
IDebugApplication::AddGlobalExpressionContextProvider Adds a global expression context provider to this application.
IDebugApplication::RemoveGlobalExpressionContextProvider Removes a global expression context provider from this application.