Additional Customizations

In this stage of running the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10, you can specify settings for Internet sign-up, a root certificate, and access to browser features for the custom Internet Explorer 10 package. Your options depend on the version of Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10 (IEAK 10) and the operating system that you are using.

This stage contains the following pages:

  • Add a Root Certificate. Provide a level of trust for lower level certificates by adding a root certificate to your customized package. This page is available for the External version of IEAK 10.

  • Programs. Specify the programs to use for various Internet services, such as newsgroups, email, and a calendar.

  • Additional Settings. For the Internal version only: Configure settings to further control access to features of Internet Explorer for the users and computers in your organization.


To run IEAK 10, you must have Internet Explorer 10 installed.

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