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Information in this topic supports the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10, which is part of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10 (IEAK 10). IEAK 10 is an administration tool used by System Administrators. Information in this topic is not intended for troubleshooting individual installations of Internet Explorer in a home setting.

On this page of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10, you can add search providers and set a search provider default for the customized version of Internet Explorer® 10. In general, Bing® will be listed as the default search provider.


Customizations made on this page apply to Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer for the desktop.

Item Details

Search Providers

This text box lists any search providers that have been added, and also indicates which search provider is the default.


Click this button to import the current list of search providers from the version of Internet Explorer on your computer.

Add or Edit

Click these buttons to add a new search provider or edit an existing search provider. On the Search Provider box, provide the following information: Display Name, URL, Favicon URL, Suggestions URL (XML), Suggestions URL (JSON), and Accelerator Preview URL.

  • Display Name

  • Type the text you want to appear for the search provider in the Search Options menu in Internet Explorer.

  • URL

  • Type the full URL for the search provider, including the http:// prefix.

  • Favicon URL

  • If you have an icon that you want to associate with the search provider, provide the URL here.

  • Suggestions URL (XML)

  • Provide search suggestions in XML format.

  • Suggestions URL (JSON)

  • Provide search suggestions in JavaScript Object Notation.

  • Accelerator Preview URL

  • Provide an Accelerator preview URL if appropriate for this search provider.

  • Display Search Suggestions for this provider

  • Select this check box to enable search suggestions for the search provider.

Set Default

To set a search provider as the default, select the provider under Search Providers, and then click the Set Default button.


To remove a search provider, select the provider under Search Providers,and then click the Remove button.

Search Guide URL Customization

Select this check box if you plan to add the search providers to a custom webpage for your users, and then type the URL for the custom webpage in the text box.

Additional references

Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10 (IEAK 10) offers improved and extended Search settings. You can include support for Search Suggestions and Favicons, as well as integrating with Accelerator preview URLs. These are optional in IEAK 10, so an .ins file from earlier versions of IEAK will still work for customizing Search providers in IEAK 10.

For more information about this stage of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10, see Customizing the Browser.