Customizing the Browser

In this stage of running the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10, you can customize the appearance and behavior of features in Internet Explorer® 10.

This stage contains the following pages:

  • Browser User Interface. Create text for the title bar of the browser, and add custom buttons to the toolbar of the browser to launch your own programs.

  • Search Providers. Configure the list of search providers listed in the browser for your users.

  • Important URLs - Home Page and Support. Add multiple home pages and an internal support page for your users. In Internet Explorer for the desktop, if you have more than one home page, each page will appear in a separate tab.

  • Accelerators. Add Accelerators for your users to use in the browser. Accelerators automate common tasks, making it easy for users to perform tasks quickly.

  • Favorites, Favorites Bar, and Feeds. Add or remove URLs for the Favorites, Favorites Bar, and Feeds features in Internet Explorer.

  • Browsing Options. Select options for managing items under Favorites, Favorites Bar, and Feeds.

  • First Run Wizard and Welcome Page Options. Add a custom Welcome page that appears the first time your users open Internet Explorer.

  • Compatibility View. Add characters to the user agent string to enable companies to track the usage of your customized version of Internet Explorer.

  • Connection Manager. If you used Connection Manager Administration Kit to customize Connection Manager, specify the location to that custom profile.

  • Connection Settings. Import the settings from the Connections tab in Internet Options to use in the custom package.

  • Automatic Configuration. For the Internal version only: Specify a configuration file and time interval to update your users' browser after deployment.

  • Proxy Settings. Specify the address of the proxy servers to use for certain services.

  • Security and Privacy Settings. For the Internal version only: Import settings from the Security and Privacy tabs in Internet Options, and the Ratings tab in Content Advisor.


The availability of some of the options in this stage of the wizard also depends on your license agreement. For more information, consult your contract. To run Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10 (IEAK 10), you must have Internet Explorer 10 installed.

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