Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) is a tool used to configure and manage how users connect to the Internet or to a corporate private network. With CMAK, you can change the appearance and settings of Connection Manager. CMAK is not included in Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10 (IEAK 10). However, you can include a CMAK connection profile in your Internet Explorer 10 customization package to manage connections for your users.

By using CMAK to create connections, you can:

  • Use multiple phone numbers per Connection Manager profile.

  • Run applications automatically before, during, and after a connection is made.

  • Dynamically update Connection Manager phone books when your access numbers change.

  • Customize Connection Manager profiles with bitmaps, specific license agreements, Help files, and command-line parameters.

You might want to use a CMAK profile if, for example, your remote users connect to multiple numbers.

For more information on CMAK, see Connection Manager Administration Kit Overview.

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