Maintaining Internet Explorer 10

To help you to keep Internet Explorer 10 up-to-date, you can manage your browser settings, maintain your Group Policy, and control how automatic updates are deployed.

Managing browser settings

You have the option to globally manage many of the browser settings for Internet Explorer 10, including setting up automatic configuration, proxy, and detection.

For more information about managing your browser settings, see Maintaining and Supporting Internet Explorer 10 in the Internet Explorer 10 Deployment Guide.

Maintaining Group Policy options

If you use Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to manage your network, you can use the comprehensive set of policy settings that Group Policy provides to manage Internet Explorer 10 after you have deployed it to end users' computers. The following tools provide different ways to manages policies and settings.

  • Administrative Templates. You can use the Administrative Template policy settings to manage registry-based policies for hundreds of Internet Explorer 10 options, including security options.

  • Group Policy preferences. You can use Group Policy preference settings to configure options that users can change later.


We recommend that you manage Internet Explorer 10 by using the Administrative Template settings in Group Policy whenever possible, because these settings are always written to secure Policy branches in the registry. Additionally, we recommend that you deploy standard user accounts instead of allowing users to log on to their computers as administrators, preventing users from making unwanted changes to their systems or overriding Group Policy settings. Users are unable to change managed settings through the Internet Explorer 10 user interface or by modifying the registry. Most of the browser settings managed through the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10 (IEAK 10) provide preferences that users can modify after they are applied.

For more information about Group Policy, see Group Policy in the Internet Explorer 10 Deployment Guide.

Controlling automatic updates

When you build your custom Internet Explorer 10 packages by using the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10, you can use the wizard's automatic version synchronization (AVS) feature to obtain an updated version of Internet Explorer from the Download Internet Explorer 10.

For more information about using the AVS feature, see Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) Information and Downloads.

Blocking automatic updates

If you want to block the automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 10 you, as an administrator, can use the Blocker Toolkit. The toolkit is available from Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 10 page.