Setup Considerations for Internet Explorer

You can obtain Windows Internet Explorer 7 as an update through Automatic Updates, as a stand-alone download, or as part of the Windows Vista operating system. The stand-alone setup file, IE7setup.exe, performs the following tasks:

  1. Runs the spyware removal tool.

  2. Downloads and runs the latest Internet Explorer cumulative security update.

  3. Installs Internet Explorer.

As part of Step 3, IE7setup.exe uses Update.exe to install the browser and IEuinit.inf to apply any settings and install additional components.

If you installed the Corporate version of Internet Explorer Administration Kit 7 (IEAK 7), you can customize how your users interact with the Internet Explorer Setup program. You can also alter the appearance of the Setup program by adding your own bitmap and including custom descriptions for your different setup options. For more information, see Stage 3: Customizing the Setup Experience.

You can also automate setup. For example, you can deploy your custom version of Internet Explorer after hours, when employees are not at their desks. For more information, see Command-line Options and IExpress.

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