Checklist: Create, Deploy, and Manage a Custom Browser Package

You can use Internet Explorer Administration Kit 7 (IEAK 7) to customize, deploy, and manage Internet Explorer 7. The process to do this involves tools that are part of IEAK, as well as other Microsoft tools and technologies.



Review IEAK concepts and requirements, including which options are available to you.

Getting Started with IEAK 7; Understanding IEAK; Customization Options for Specific Audiences

Prepare your environment and collect information that you will need to run the Internet Explorer 7 Customization Wizard:

Prepare to Create a Custom Browser Package

  • Create the needed folder and file structure on the computer that you will use to build the custom package.

Prepare Your Build Computer

  • Create any graphics that you will use as part of setup or your custom browser.

Create Branding and Custom Graphics

  • If you are a corporate administrator and will be posting the custom browser setup file to an internal server computer, configure your network so that your server is trusted.

Specify Your Network Servers as Trusted Sites

  • If you want to regularly change Internet Explorer settings after the browser is deployed to your users, and you want to do this automatically by providing configuration files, enable automatic configuration.

Enable Automatic Detection and Configuration of Browser Settings

  • If you want to include custom components as part of your browser package, collect the needed information about the components.

Add Custom Components; Configure Custom Components for Uninstallation

  • Determine which ActiveX controls you will allow in your organization.

Configure ActiveX Controls

  • Determine whether you will use a Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) profile.

Prepare to Create a Custom Browser Package; CMAK and IEAK

  • Determine the distribution method and format that you will use.

Media Selection

  • If you are a corporate administrator, determine the level of interaction your users will have during setup.

User Experience

  • Determine if you want to replace any of the default URLs or Favorites in Internet Explorer with custom URLs for your organization.

Search Provider Customization; Important URLs - Home Page and Support; Favorites, Links and Feeds; Welcome Page

  • Determine if you want to customize the user agent string for your browser to help you track its use.

User Agent String

Prepare for Internet sign-up (Internet service providers (ISPs) only), including determining whether you will use server-based or serverless (client-based) sign-up.


The Internet sign-up option is not available for the Windows Vista operating system.

Internet Sign-up Options; Prepare for Internet Sign-up; Sign-up Method

  • Create an .isp file.

Create an .isp File

  • Collect sign-up server information, if needed.

Sign-up Files; Sign-up Server Information; Internet Settings Files

  • Make sure sign-up files are in the correct folders, if you have not already done so earlier.

Prepare Your Build Computer

Create one or more custom packages, depending on the operating systems and languages you want to support.

Create a Custom Browser Package

Deploy the package or packages. The method you use will be based on whether you are an ISP or a corporate administrator.

Deploy the Custom Browser Package

Manage Internet Explorer settings. You have several tool options.

Manage Internet Explorer After Deployment

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