Appendix C: Microsoft SmartScreen Filter

In Windows® Internet Explorer® 8, the Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter has been replaced by the SmartScreen® Filter. It is fully controllable through Group Policy settings and by using the Internet Explorer 8 security zone settings.

By default, the SmartScreen in Internet Explorer 8 will check the addresses of any sites in the Trusted sites zone. However, you can turn off this zone checking. Any user can then create a custom list of trusted sites, and corporate administrators can add a list of sites that the company has decided are trusted.

To add to Internet Explorer Trusted sites zone and turn off SmartScreen in this zone

  1. On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options.

  2. Click the Security tab.

  3. Click the Trusted sites icon, and then click Sites.

  4. In the Add this website to the zone dialog box, enter the Web site URL, and then click Add.

  5. Close the dialog box.

  6. On the Security tab, click Custom level, and then under Use SmartScreen Filter, select Disable. (You may have to scroll through several items.)

  7. Click OK.

For more information about anti-phishing strategies, see


To prevent users from disabling Phishing Filter and to enforce a SmartScreen mode, enable the Turn off Managing SmartScreen Filter policy setting in Group Policy Administrative Templates.