Manage Internet Explorer After Deployment

If you are a corporate administrator, after you distribute your custom version of Windows® Internet Explorer® that you built using Internet Explorer Administration Kit 9 (IEAK 9), you have several options for managing these settings:

  • By storing a master .ins file on a server and downloading the file each time you log on to the network, you can adjust user option settings on an ongoing basis. By directly editing logon scripts, you can manage and regularly update settings from a centralized server.

  • For computers running Windows Vista® or Windows 7, you should use Administrative Templates in Group Policy to manage policies.

  • For computers running Windows Server 2008, you can view current policy settings by using Resultant Set of Policy (Rsop.msc).

  • Using IEAK Profile Manager, you can administer configuration files. IEAK Profile Manager enables you to open any .ins file and make changes to settings.

  • After installation, you can remotely manage all allowed publisher and site certificates by adding certificates to or removing certificates from the allowed list.

This section contains instructions to do the following:

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