User Experience

On this page of the Windows® Internet Explorer® Customization Wizard 9, you can specify the amount of user interaction during setup for the custom package. This page is only available in the Corporate version of Internet Explorer Administration Kit 9 (IEAK 9).

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Interactive Installation

Choose this option to enable your users to change installation options when they install the custom package. All of the progress dialog boxes and error messages appear during the installation.

Hands-free Installation

Choose this option if you want to make all installation decisions for your users, but still keep them informed of the installation progress and errors.

Completely Silent Installation

Choose this option if you want your users to install the customized browser without any dialog boxes or progress indicators appearing on the screen.

Both the hands-free and silent installation options do the following:

  • Answer prompts that enable Setup to continue.

  • Accept the license agreement.

  • Specify that Internet Explorer 9 is installed and not just downloaded.

  • Carry out the type of installation that you specified for this installation package.

  • Install Internet Explorer in the default location, unless it is already installed. In that case, the new version of the browser is installed in the same location as the previous version.

Neither of these modes is interactive, and users do not have control over the progress of the installation. In a silent installation, if installation does not finish successfully, users do not see an error message. Consider using this feature for installations that are deployed when the user is not present.

You can also choose from the following restart options.

Item Details


Choose this option to prompt the user before restarting the computer after installing Internet Explorer.

No restart

Choose this option to avoid restarting the computer after installing Internet Explorer.

Force restart

Choose this option to restart the computer automatically after installing Internet Explorer.

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