Language Selection

On this page of the Windows® Internet Explorer® Customization Wizard 9, you must choose the language for the Windows Internet Explorer Administration Kit 9 (IEAK 9) custom package.


On the computer on which you are installing the IEAK 9 package, the language for IEAK 9 must be the same as the language for Internet Explorer — otherwise, IEAK 9 will not work correctly.

You can build Internet Explorer 9 custom packages in all 93 languages that Internet Explorer supports. The languages for IEAK 9 are divided into two sets, and require two separate ieak.ini files. By default, IEAK 9 provides the default set of languages available on this screen. If you want to use a language in the additional set, replace your ieak.ini file with the additional language set ieak.ini file. For more information about language sets and replacing the ieak.ini file, see

Item Details

Target language

Select the language that you want to use from this list.

You must run the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 9 once for each language that you plan to support. To retain settings across multiple versions of the package, specify the same destination folder for all versions. The different language versions are saved in separate subfolders within that destination folder.

For example, ENU is the abbreviation for English, and DEU is the abbreviation for German. If you specify C:\Cie\Build1\ as your destination folder, your customized package containing an English-language version of Internet Explorer will be created in the folder C:\Cie\Build1\Flat\Win32\ENU\.

Your customized package containing a German-language version of Internet Explorer will be created in the folder C:\Cie\Build1\Flat\Win32\DEU\.

Additional references

  • For more information about this stage of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 9, see Gathering Information.