Internet Explorer 9 - Product Guide for IT Professionals

All the investments in performance, navigation, service integration, security, and support for modern standards in Windows® Internet Explorer® 9 will help customers who are using the browser at home or at work. A more secure browser provides a more secure workplace. A more efficient browser enables a more productive workforce.

However, IT departments also have unique security, customization, deployment, and management needs for their desktop PCs. Internet Explorer 9 can be deployed as a standalone installation or slipstreamed into a Windows installation image, and Internet Explorer 9 has greater customization and management flexibility through group policies than other browsers.

Internet Explorer 9 also maintains our strong commitment to providing support to IT departments. As part of Windows, Internet Explorer has extended lifecycle support, with dedicated, enterprise-level hotfix and security responses. Even as we roll out new versions of the browser, we stand behind previous versions, giving businesses the predictability and consistency they need to plan deployments or business-critical technologies.

All-around fast

Internet Explorer 9 is all-around fast, with built-in developer tools that get sites up and running more quickly, faster browser launch and webpage load times, and one-click access to web applications directly from the taskbar. Additionally, Internet Explorer 9 is committed to fast performance through:

Clean, with a focus on your websites

Internet Explorer 9 puts the focus on the web applications users love with a clean look. Navigation is familiar because it works like navigation in the Windows desktop, so users can browse with more confidence. Internet Explorer 9 provides:

The browser people can trust

For millions of people, Internet Explorer is the trusted gateway to the web because it has a robust set of built-in security, privacy, and reliability technologies that help keep users safe, and provides a virtually uninterrupted browsing experience. People can trust Internet Explorer 9 because of:

  • Built-in security

    • Microsoft SmartScreen® Filter

    • Introducing SmartScreen Application Reputation

    • SmartScreen URL filtering improvements

    • Greater protection against emerging threats

  • Reliability

    • Tab isolation, automatic crash recovery, and hang recovery

    • Compatibility View

    • Support for modern standards

  • Deployment and control

    • Internet Explorer Administration Kit

    • Slipstream installation

    • Robust Group Policy support

    • Predictable updates

Read on for more detail about each of these areas, including feature descriptions, usage scenarios, and screenshots.

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All-around fast
Clean, with a focus on your websites
The browser people can trust